Lake County Music and Drama Club


Next meeting: Friday, October 9, 2015
Fine Arts Association
Time is 12:30

We will have a brief meeting followed by the program, which will showcase our young, local talented artists. A reception will follow the program.

The Performers are:

Danielle Rush. Harp student of Carol Ford. Daniele is a junior at Madison High School where she plays Alto Sax in the band. She is a member of “#33M” an honorary national music society, the Drama Club, “Electica,” Madison’s Show Choir. Danielle has studied piano and plays bassoon with the Tri-C Orchestra. She and Carol have been performing together for five years, at weddings, church services, concerts, and opened the “Chautauqua Ohio Event” two years ago.

Maximus Kealoha (Max), is a piano student of Carol Ford. He is eleven years old. He is a fifth grade student at Hale Road Elementary School. He plays in the Ready to Ring Hand Bell Choir at Painesville United Methodist Church under the direction of Carol Ford. He asked Carol to teach him to play the piano, and began studying with her a her ago. Carol says he is every teacher’s dream, as he practices and learns quickly. Max can transpose his musical pieces, and play them in different keys, which is truly amazing.

Cooper Wood is sixteen years old, attends Madison High School, and plans to pursue a career in composition. Two of his works, Chorale and Overture for the Stars, were performed at Madison School. His eclectic approach combining classical elements with modern sounds create a unique aesthetic. Cooper is also a rock vocalist and lead guitarist, plays trumpet and piano in school ensembles and musicals. Cooper is the youth musical director at Mercury Summer Stock at Notre Dame College, learning how it is to work without lunch or dinner breaks.

Melik Montgomery is a student at Harvey High School and studies music with choral director Kim Hildack. He is in his sophomore year, a member of the concert choir, soccer team, and FBLS. He portrayed Lucas Beinke in the Adams Family. Malik competed in the FBLS State talent competition where he placed first as well as his business event. He studies privately with Mr. Robert Godfrey and is looking forward to continuing to learn and develop his musical talents.

We encourage you to invite family and friends to this event. These young people are so accomplished it will be thrilling to watch their performances.

The 2015-2016 Lake County Music and Drama Club

Dear Members:

Summer is almost gone and our new Club Year 2015-2016 is here. I hope you have had a fun and restful summer and are looking forward to the lovely events the Board has planned for us.

Our September meeting was on the eleventh at Morley Library, in the lower level. The meeting was held at 12:00 noon and we enjoyed paper bag lunch, chips and cookies. The business meeting began at 12:30 and our program was after the meeting.

Please remember to always invite a friend to our meetings and hopefully a prospective member will come from your invitation. We always enjoy new members and the talents they add to our club.

The first program was called…Ageless World of Rhythm and Rhyme Seasons of Your Life. This program was created by Elaine Uonelli and accompanied by Carol Ford and her student Danielle.

Carol shared the life and characteristics of Antonio Vivaldi. As a child he was schooled in violin; spent life at an orphanage where children were left because the parents count not afford to keep them. While composing the famous “The Four Seasons” he also wrote sonnets. Elaine read each sonnet with an appropriate selection of music. Carol also presented a Power Point presentation of the story of Antonio Doci, a very poor little boy with a lovely voice, whose parents could not afford an education for him.

Elaine concluded the program with a reading of “The Touch of the Master’s Hand” and “What Took You so Long?” Thank you for an interesting and enlightening afternoon.

Our dues are $25.00 this year. This money covers printing, postage, membership booklet printing, and miscellaneous items for our meetings. Please remember, if you have not paid dues to see Carol Dedrick at the Friday , October 9 meeting. Please include, if you are able, a strictly voluntary donation to the Scholarship Fund. As you realize, this is our main event, and a contribution each year to the students who wish to further their education in music and drama. The gift from our Club is greatly appreciated by these youngsters as proven by their willingness to perform for us at some of our monthly meetings.

Please be sure to “click” on each page of the LCMDC website. You will find the schedule of meetings and events for this year, information forthcoming about our Christmas Tea, other exciting programs, and of course, the May 14 Scholarship Benefit at Mentor Harbor Yacht Club. We will have a luncheon, and Fashion Show of the 1950-1980 period. Also included in this site are links to concerts and organizations with similar aspirations as our club.

We look forward to seeing a good number of members at our meetings this year. I know we will all go away refreshed, wiser and more knowledgeable about the music and dramas presented to us this year.

Grace Richards, President

Mission Statement

The purposes of the Lake County Music and Drama Club are: The enjoyment and appreciation of music and drama performances The provision of scholarships for music and drama students.

A Brief History of the
Music and Drama Club

The Music and Drama Club was formed by 22 Painesville women in 1923. Originally all members had performance capabilities and most performances were done by members at Lake Erie College facilities. Currently only a few members have performance level skills and most of our six programs a year are by guest artists. Meetings of the sixty membership group are held in and around the Painesville-Mentor area.

Since 1931 we have provided a yearly scholarship to a deserving Lake Erie College student of music or drama. In addition since 1961 we have given summer music camp scholarships to local high school students. Currently we are providing three such awards, one each to a Fairport Harding student, a Harvey student, and a Riverside student to the Lakeland Summer Jazz Camp.